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"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do"





Are you a ‘People Manager’ who understands the value of developing your people to improve team performance? Do you have team members who you would like to take to the next level? ‘High achievers’ who perform well, yet thrive on new challenges? We will work with you to help clarify performance expectations, identify individual strengths, target development opportunities and/or ineffective behaviours. We will design and facilitate a 1-1 coaching program to enhance learning, performance outcomes and personal development.

Are you a ‘Leader of Leaders’ whose day to day management responsibilities just don’t allow you enough time to successfully mentor and develop your emerging leaders? We will work with you to promote authentic leadership by developing their competencies and confidence through 1-1 coaching programs, designed to not only raise awareness of capabilities & performance gaps but also examine their core values and beliefs.

Do you have a ‘Career/Role Transition’ opportunity? Are you appointing a new leader from outside the organisation? Considering moving someone from a ‘technical’ to a ‘leadership’ role? Promoting a team member to ‘step up’ as a new leader?

The first few months in a new leadership role can be as exhilarating as it is daunting. A period of transition where first impressions do count, influencing the way forward significantly. Often expectations to get ‘quick runs on the board’ (perceived or otherwise) overshadow the importance of getting to know the organisation, team culture and investing time to foster positive working relationships.

We will work with you and your new leader to establish clear expectations, learning opportunities and key milestones. Assist them to create a personal development plan that is supported by regular 1-1 coaching sessions. Ideally, these will commence during their initial three months and include three way review sessions with you, held midway and on completion of the program.

At Balanced Momentum all our coaching programs are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. As a guide, 1-1 sessions usually run for 60 to 75 minutes and can be face-to-face or over the telephone. We can also facilitate 360º feedback programs linked to ongoing 1-1 coaching, as this can serve as a valuable development tool in some organisational settings. One of the key reasons coaching works is the structure of regular, focused sessions which lead to an individual’s goals being more consistently visible and in the forefront of their minds. To gain optimum benefit from coaching we recommend that all 1-1 coaching programs run over a minimum period of three months to achieve learning and development outcomes and sustained behavioural change.

Please contact us at Balanced Momentum for further information on how we may be of service to you.

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