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"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving"

Oliver Wendell Holmes


"Action is the foundational
key to all success"

Pablo Picasso


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."






Janine has a fantastic method she uses to ensure you draw the answers from within. She asks questions that require you to think more.  I have used this strategy several times with some awesome results. My Team Leaders have gone away and thought about what I have asked them and come back with strategies for themselves. I have loved working with Janine, she always has a ‘knack’ for drawing the best out of me. It comes down to her honesty, openness and her non-offensive ‘challenging’ technique.

Justine W
Call Centre Coordinator

As a "rule" I don’t ordinarily give testimonials, after all what works for one person/company may not necessarily work for another person/company. However in this case the "rule" doesn’t apply!  Having my team leaders coached by Janine Warden of Balanced Momentum was money well spent for both our business and for their own personal growth.

Her approach has ensured they have more clarity about their roles, are able to achieve goals and have the courage to take on more challenges.  I am sure that in time I could have also achieved these results with them, but to be honest I didn’t have the time and needed a partner who could aid me in this endeavor aligning our business objectives with a coaching mindset.

Shirley Hodgkin
Customer Loyalty Manager, B Digital

Changing organisations, industry sector and managerial roles, all at the same time, can be fraught with danger. When undertaking this challenge recently I was delighted that my new employer realised the value of engaging Janine Warden to support and coach me through my first 3 months in my new role. Janine, through her experience and coaching expertise, coached me through the maze of new systems, new people/relationships and new environments. Her ability, by pertinent questioning and inquiry, to focus me on the important broad picture rather than become entangled with the everyday detail, has been critical in my achieving significant goals within my first 3 months time frame. I believe that investment of this type by organisations substantially benefits their business outcomes and the individuals involved. The programme offered by Janine through Balanced Momentum will become an integral part in my future managers' initial three months in their new role.

Jenny McClelland
Site Manager - Multi Stream Aged Care Facility

I found the coaching with Janine to be different from what I had experienced before. Being a Team Leader meant that I had to do coaching myself, so to have this experience was fantastic. The time I spent with Janine was important to me adjusting my own coaching style. I’ve changed the direction I take with the coaching I provide my own team members and now consider myself a more effective coach. I admit I still have a way to go, but know I am going down the right path. The most important idea I took from our sessions is that coaching is about self discovery, not necessarily about providing the answer.

Phil S
Team Leader

I have undertaken career coaching with Janine and found the sessions extremely worthwhile. Not only were they helpful in clarifying a future career strategy but they also enabled me to develop some immediate strategies to increase my effectiveness as a Manager.

Janine has the knack of making one feel at ease, whilst her wealth of experience with managing others enables her to ask the right questions to elicit answers and to offer ‘pointers’ when one has difficulty in finding them.

Through Janine prompting me to find solutions and assisting me to order and clarify my thoughts, I was able to develop an action plan which has assisted me with performance guidance and people management in general.

I found coaching a most rewarding experience and am of the opinion that Janine not only has the natural ability to coach but also has the wealth of practical life experience to be able to develop others.

Anne Wylie
National Human Resources Manager (Aust & NZ)

We have as a department and as a Manager of the department gained a lot from the process that Janine from Balanced Momentum took us through last year.

Starting with a very structured and concise 360 degree feedback process this provided my team with some very frank and effective feedback which was gained from a variety of people. Janine managed this process very professionally and made what could have been a nightmare to co-ordinate a breeze. From here the hard work began.

Several members of my team took up the option to have 1-1 coaching sessions with Janine, of which the results have been very visible. Each of them has grown so much, both in their day to day leadership skills and their ability to think and plan ahead.

Two especially stand out as they have overcome some of their concerns from presenting in public to being able to now use the coaching skills learnt with their direct reports.

I would not hesitate to repeat the whole process on a regular basis and would highly recommend Janine to any future clients.

Pauline Woods
Customer Services Manager, B Digital

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